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The Greek island of Paros lies almost in the heart of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades Islands complex. An authentic Cycladic wonder, Paros’ vast historical and archaeological significance, its multi-layered cultural heritage, the impeccable local gastronomy, its astonishing and internationally revered beauty with its typical white-washed homes and wonderful golden sand sea shores, a vast number of superb beaches and a much celebrated and very vibrant nightlife, are the reasons why Paros is one of the most visited islands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The architectural style is purely Cycladic, with most villages and towns of medieval origin usually built circularly in a ‘fortress’-like fashion and characterised by narrow streets and alleys, colourful flowered balconies and patios and numerous scattered picturesque small churches in towns as well as all around the surrounding countryside. The coastline of Paros is impressively varied, alternating between rocky and sandy spots, with the water always crystal clear and intensely azure blue all around the island, even in the busy port.

Paros is one of the most central hence also one of the most inter-connected islands of the Cyclades Islands complex. This creates a great opportunity if you are seeking to explore the Cyclades further. Not far, only a short boat ride away from Paros, lie many other fabulous choices worth visiting like Naxos, Mykonos and Santorini to name but a few.

Antiparos, literally meaning ‘opposite Paros’ is a very charming smaller island that can be reached by a very short, approximately 7-8 minute ferry ride. Antiparos also boasts a number of lovely beaches and a very vibrant nightlife as well. You can therefore literally enjoy both islands on a daily basis as hopping to Antiparos and back is very quick, cheap, and practically easy at any moment. Ferries are regular and constant throughout the day time.

Apart from spending a fantastic summer vacation here, under the sun and by the crystal clear blue sea, Paros also provides many opportunities to engage in a series of other activities in this inspiring environment, such as trekking, horse-riding, some amazing wind- and kite-surfing due to the strong winds that tend to blow on the island on certain summer months, as well as the whole range of other water sports activities, yoga, diving and snorkelling, among many more.

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The main port of Parikia is the main town, or ‘Chora’ of the island. Usually busy and crowded, it mostly caters to a younger crowd, as it is also offers a very vibrant nightlife and many choices for clubbing to cater to all tastes and needs. Sightseeing here could certainly include visiting Panagia Ekatontapiliani, literally meaning ‘Virgin Mary with one hundred gates/arches’, the main church of the island built during the Early Christian period. It is believed that the earliest form of the church was built here by the Great Emperor Constantine of the Byzantine Empire around the 4th century AD.

As Paros was inhabited from the early neolithic period in and around 4000-5000BC and then also flourished in the early Cycladic period therafter as indicated by several settlements found on the island, it offers numerous monuments and artefacts of vast archaeological significance across its many sites and museums. These historics relics and sites originate across a large range of time periods spanning many millennia. This includes periods ranging from the Neolithic and the early Cycladic, through to classical Greek antiquity, the Byzantine empire, the period of Venetian/Latin rule, the Ottoman occupation, to the early modern Greek state and the present.

The village and fishing port of Naoussa, the second largest on the island, is a fantastic relic from the medieval period. The Venetian port and fortress, though mostly collapsed, are still visible in the port, and the immense beauty that this lovely quaint traditional village radiates is astonishing. Again, one can enjoy a very busy and vibrant nightlife here, with several bars and clubs located on the one side of the village by the sea, catering to a large crowd of visitors who simply party daily to the break of dawn during busy summer months.

The small medieval villages of Lefkes, Prodromos and Marpissa are among the most beautiful villages across all the islands in the Aegean Sea. Even in busy August, time appears to flow differently in these authentically traditional settlements. The main road that ascends from Parikia and Naoussa passes by them, though the fact that they were constructed so as to remain largely invisible from the road as a protective measure against pirate raids during the medieval period, has resulted in them remaining relatively untouched and has preserved their authentic appearance, as they were when they were built during the early 15th century.

You could definitely also take some time to visit and enjoy the famous ‘Golden Coast’ or Chrissi Akti, a long stretch of beach with fine golden-coloured sand, in a wider area mostly characterised by the number of Greek holiday villas inhabited during the summer season, and some quaint and traditional local residents’ homes. Chrissi Akti is a wind-surfing and other watersports activities hotspot.

As the beach is large it can cater to many tastes and crowds. Hence it is equally preferred by families who can find peace & quiet while the children can play in the sand and swim in the clear turqouise blue water which is also conveniently shallow in several spots, as well as a younger crowd looking to enjoy some music, cocktails and drinks in the few tasteful beach bars available at specific spots on the beach.

Chrissi Akti is also extremely liked and known among beach sports enthusiasts, with a strong dedicated international crowd of windsurfers, kite surfers & diving enthusiasts among others. Several beach sports schools and rental facilities can cater to anyone interested, and there are many tavernas, beach bars and snacking facilities along the coast so you can enjoy any sort of meal you desire.

Closer to the port of Parikia, one can find the celebrated Punda Beach, one of the most organised beaches on the island, where there is an abundance of shops , bars and restaurants. Beach parties featuring guests DJ’s and an abundance of cocktails, dancing and enjoying the sea and sun, make up the perfect getaway recipe if you are seeking to unwind and party! Around Punda beach there are several more ‘local’ and peaceful smaller beaches, so you could enjoy a large variety of choices. Many other beaches, like Kolimbithres, Farangas, Drios and so many more are definitey worth visiting in Paros. Which you choose to visit, as well as which areas and sites you prefer to visit, is highly related to your own taste and likes.

Making sure you enjoy the island of Paros in full comfort & style is exactly what we do.

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Cyclades islands, Aegean Sea

How to get there

  • By plane (directly from major European cities)
  • From Athens by plane (domestic flight 30 min), by boat (2h45min) or by helicopter
  • From Mykonos by boat (45min)

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