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Heated Pool Collection

Ideal for those off season getaways

While travelling in spring and autumn offers more comfortable temperatures and an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, a heated pool can be a welcome addition to your villa experience if you enjoy spending time in the water. My villa collection with heated pools offer plenty of choices for guests who prefer the comfort of warmer water. Whether you’re a serious swimmer, a playful splasher, or someone who likes to float on an inflatable and drift off to sleep, I’ve got you covered.

Although Greece’s warm climate usually doesn’t require a heated pool, I’ve managed to find some options for guests who prefer their swim to feel more like a relaxing soak than a refreshing dip.

So, if you’re looking for a swimming experience that’s closer to a warm bath, I have the perfect villa with a heated pool waiting for you in the collection that follows.

Heated Pool Collection

Still looking for inspisation?

If you are looking for something really special, why not ask me about the private collection by Rent A Greek Villa?

Alternatively, browse through all the available collections to find the villa that best suits your needs:

Two wooden sunbeds by a black granite clad pool found in one of the villas available for rent in the private villa collection by Rent A Greek Villa.

Private Collection

The most exclusive villas in Greece.
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