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Welcome to Evia

Evia, the second largest Greek island regarding size and population, is one of the lesser known destinations in Greece. The island of Evia, often also spelled ‘Euboea’, is a superbly wonderful and very special destination, with the potential to please and charm even the most demanding of visitors.

A place that has fortunately managed to escape heavy tourist activity until now, remains unspoilt and available for you to explore and enjoy to the fullest, before it also unavoidably gives in to ‘progress’ like most places of its calibre in terms of splendour and beauty do at some point.

Evia’s close proximity to Athens, the massive advantage of allowing visitors to also reach it by car and not necessarily by boat, and its mind-blowing variation in scenery are just but a few of its many advantages and perks. Evia will certainly leave you fascinated if you take the time to explore its wonders.

Positioned less than 100km from the capital Athens, and 130km from the International Athens Airport, it can provide a great spot from which you could also visit and enjoy Athens occasionally, without living in the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis.

Evia is an island located close to Athens and connected to the Greek mainland by a bridge. It is therefore so much easier to visit than most other Greek islands. Yet Evia still offers the possibility to enjoy landscapes, people and local cultures still unscathed by the implications of mass visitation and tourism.

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The island of Evia offers visitors a superb choice to enjoy a wonderful and mostly untouched natural environment, gastronomy and local culture, away from mass tourism and busy tiring tourist spots, while also offering quick and easy access from Athens directly by car through a bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

Furthermore, Evia boasts several places of prime cultural, archaeological, historic or simply prime aesthetic interest. Besides Athens and the wider Attica region, which is one of the most obvious choices, you could equally visit, Chalkida, the capital of the island, South or North Evia boasting a wide number of sites known for their aesthetic beauty, natural landscapes, pristine beaches and historical monuments, or even Delphi, where the internationally famous Oracle of Delphi once delivered prophecies determining the choices and fate of millions in the ancient world.

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Aegean Sea

How to get there

  • By car, it is connected via a bridge with the mainland
  • By boat, from various ports of the mainland, such as Oropos and Rafina.

Properties in Evia

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