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Welcome to Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece, is certainly one trip everyone needs to make. And by that we really mean, everyone. Let us explain. Athens is a modern metropolis with a vast historical, archaeological and cultural significance, that has evolved into a Mediterranean travel hub and a hot spot for the arts, culture, entertainment and above all, a fun and a superior holiday experience for all ages and tastes.

Most traditional travel & tourist descriptions tend to focus on the historical aspect of this remarkable city, which is indeed one of the most ancient cities on earth with a well-recorded history of over 3400 years and the earliest recorded human presence in the region spanning nine to thirteen millenia. Known as the birthplace of democracy and a beacon for early western thought and civilisation, it certainly does merit this focus. However, Athens has evolved into so much more than that, and continues to do so.

Athens offers an abundant variety of local colours, experiences and angles from which one can experience this fantastic destination. Some visit to simply enjoy the urban, more social life of the area, immerse themselves in exploring the various arts and cultural activities and the rich subcultural scene that has grown here for decades, dip into more delicate gastronomical adventures, sip cocktails along the uniquely superb Athens Riviera enjoying spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, or on some trendy Athenian rooftop bar with a view over the city and the Acropolis, enjoy the azure blue seaside spots across the whole of the Riviera, and maybe also get a taste of the often wild and always interesting world-renowned Athenian nightlife.

Athens was named after Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and daughter of Zeus, in fact the protector of the city. Hence the temple of Parthenon on the Athens Acropolis is dedicated to her. As a visitor you will enjoy constant exposure to the many cultural and historical layers that have literally laid the foundations of the city. There is indeed a vast number of historical and cultural sites to visit, spanning a history of millennia up to the present day.

You will find most on your usual tourist guides and info spots both online and offline, so we will not tire you by covering them, yet again, here. Please remember however, that we are always available to provide you with tips, to offer guidance, or to assist you in perfecting the ideal Travel Design fully tailored to your own tastes and likes, prior to, or during your trip. For a peak of what is on offer, check out our Path Travel Designs website, or simply tell us what you are after by contacting us here.

You may however be surprised to discover Athens beyond the somehow quaint angle it has classically been presented from these past few decades. That is the Athens that boasts a very cosompolitan and upmarket vibe for those seeking a finer holiday experience characterised by a number of top tier services and provisions. The same city that exhibits a rich art scene alongside an also very vibrant music scene to cover all tastes from the mainstream to the underground and beyond.

The Athens plain includes a plethora of semi-continuous hills, the most notable ones being the Tourkovounia, Lykavittos, the Acropolis of Athens itself and Philopappou Hill. They all offer lovely panoramic 360-degree views over the Athens plain, the surrounding mountain ranges, the Athenian Riviera, the Saronic Gulf, and the Aegean Sea beyond. East of Mount Hymettus lies the region of Mesogia, bound to the north by the foothills of Mount Penteli, to the east by the Evian or Euboean Gulf and Mount Myrrhinous, and to the south by the mountains of the ancient city and Port of Lavrion, aka Lavreotiki, Mt Paneio, and the Laureotic Mt Olympus. The Lavrion region terminates in Cape Sounion, forming the southeastern tip of the Attica peninsula.

Athens can cater to all, as it also offers a rich variety of diverse activities and experiences that span the whole spectrum of what a visitor may be seeking. The rich diversification that exists between these different worlds that co-exist in the city, for example the contrast between the underground downtown arty and clubbing vibe and the very cosmopolitan air of the Athenian Riviera, is what composes the magic that is really Athens. After all, knowing what you like and what you seek, will ultimately determine which aspect of the city you care most to enjoy.

Making sure you enjoy the unique city of Athens in full comfort & style is exactly what we do.

Check out the different prime quality accommodation options we offer in the city below, let us know about what you are seeking so we can give you tips and arrange it all for you here, and treat yourself with a trip that will certainly relax and rejuvenate you this summer!


Attica Region, Greece

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  • By plane to Athens International Airport (ATH)

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