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Welcome to Peloponnese

The Peloponnesian Peninsula, Pelloponisos, or Lady Peloponnese as we often like to call her, is in fact a serious charmer, and certainly a keeper. Trying to write a short piece, a description of all that she is, one is often left feeling lost. The challenge is on how to initiate the task and what to include, so as to not leave anything out.

But that is almost impossible – so much magic condensed in a piece of land with a history spanning back millennia, and a landscape that one can hardly capture in writing. There is the abundancy of archaeological sites of vast historical importance, the fantastic beaches of every shape, size and colour, a superior and internationally celebrated gastronomical legacy, the stories of the rich past & history, many mythical tales & legends, breath-taking scenery, and an awe-inspiring rich and diverse natural landscape that defines and characterises this mythical part of Greece, among so many other things.

One thing is however certain: the Peloponnese is the stuff of legends.

A geographical area of the Greek mainland on the southern part of the country, this very large peninsula turned into an ‘island’ following the construction of the Corinth Canal, a mini Suez-type canal connecting the Aegean Sea to the Corinthian Gulf and the Ionian Sea beyond.

The area can be reached by car from two access points: the Corinth Canal from the Athens/Attica Region, and the large bridge of Rio-Antirio connecting it to the central & northern Greek mainland. The bridge is an architectural achievement and a site worth visiting in its own right. On the southern side of the Peloponnese peninsula, there are two extremely picturesque islands, Elafonissos, and Kythira, both areas of extreme natural beauty.

This part of Greece is literally as stimulatingly multi-layered, as geographically and scenically diverse, as historically and culturally rich, and as stunningly charming as it gets. One can swim in turquoise crystal blue waters below medieval castle-towns, ancient city-states of vast archaeological and historical significance and visit places where mythical and celestial beings once walked, their feats frozen in history through myths that are still very much known internationally today.

One can enjoy the vastness of the land, relishing in a secluded and peaceful existence allowing one to connect with the tradition, history and cultural richness that defines the area. Others may choose a different way to experience the Peloponnese, more contemporary, modern and rich in comfort and high end services, catering to the exclusive and the select.

There are many sites and areas ideal for marine and extreme sports enthusiasts, nature aficionados, walkers, hikers and climbers. And even more for those just seeking to relax, and enjoy all that is on offer here. The area boasts unlimited potential to please all tastes and styles.

Please remember that we are always available to provide you with tips, to offer guidance, or to assist you in perfecting the ideal Travel Design fully tailored to your own tastes and likes, prior to, or during your trip. For a peak of what is on offer, check out our Path Travel Designs website, or simply tell us what you are after by contacting us here.

Apart from the archaeological sites of Olympia, where the Olympic Games were originally held, Epidaurus, with its internationally celebrated ancient theatre still in use today, and Mycenae with its imposing ancient Acropolis, the Cyclopean Walls and the Palace of Mycenae, some of the most important historical sites in Greece, the region boasts an additional large number of other top destinations.

Nafplion, the first capital of Greece following the War of Independence from the Ottomans and a town that has completely retained its fantastic authentic neoclassical architectural character, Monemvasia, Gythio & Pilos with their medieval and Venetian-style influences, the Cyparissian Gulf & Kaiafas boasting massive stretches of continuous sandy beaches engulfed by wild pine forests on the western Pelloponesian coastline, the historical town of Sparta and the imposingly beautiful Mt Taygetus above it, the impressive Chelmos mountain with its ski resort and the beautiful traditional town of Kalavryta, Tripolis and the wider surrounding mountainous region of extreme natural beauty and busy, cosmopolitan Kalamata are but a few. Seriously, there is so much more.

Visitors tend to return time and time again for a whole lifetime, while others have simply decided to relocate to this part of the world permanently after a few visits. Such is the charm of the often authentically coarse & traditional, yet so exceptionally fine and elegant lady that is the Peloponnese. And as there is so much more to do and see than what we can include here, the only way we can make sure you will know what is certainly not worth missing, is to know your taste and likes.

Making sure you enjoy the wider region of the Peloponnese peninsula in full comfort & style is exactly what we do.

Check out the different prime quality accommodation options we offer on the Peloponnese region below, let us know about what you are seeking so we can give you tips and arrange it all for you here, and treat yourself with a trip that will certainly relax and rejuvenate you this summer!


Peloponnese, Southern Greece

How to get there

  • By plane to Athens and from there by car (between 1hr and 30 min and 3 hr depending on the area)
  • By plane to Kalamata and from there by car

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