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Welcome to Nisyros

The volcanic island of Nisyros is positioned near the Greek islands Kos and Tilos, and is clearly one of the most well-kept ‘secret’ destinations of the Dodecanese islands complex in the Aegean Sea. Nisyros has managed to somehow remain untouched by mass tourism. Instead it has been a prime choice for artisans and intellectuals, thus retaining its quaint traditional character in every sense.

Nisyros is an island that boasts numerous unspoilt beaches, superb landscapes and unique walking paths, which people travel from across the globe to visit. It is a small island, only 8km in diameter, and is home to the youngest, still active volcano in Greece. The volcano is about 160,000 years old and its last eruption took place in 1888.

The volcano’s largest crater, named ‘Stefanos’, is in fact so hot that rubber shoes may even slightly ‘melt’ on visiting it. The result of the volcanic activity is a set of unique and breathtaking geological formations (rock formations and distinctive fossils), a fertile soil, high trees and vegetation all year round. It is no surprise then, that Nisyros is part of the Natura 2000 program, which was created as a means to protect and preserve natural wildlife and uniquely exceptional ecosystems across Europe.

According to Greek mythology, during the period of the ‘Gigantomachy’ (clash of the Giants/Titans), Poseidon, the god of the sea, cut off a part of Kos and in a furious tantrum threw it at the giant Polivotis, with the intention of killing him. This rock, which did indeed crush the giant, became Nisyros. Legend says that the half-dead giant shakes the earth every now and then with his groans, thus awakening the volcano.

As Nisyros is generally a destination preferred by many artists, bohemians and intellectuals, its style and pace is very laid back. Offering such cultural gems as the Volcanic Museum, a fortress from the classical period in Lakki, and the Venetian medieval castle, as well as perks like the therapeutic warm springs, a substantially interesting ‘alternative’ nightlife, a rich gastronomical palette, and a number of fantastic unspoilt beaches, Nisyros is one not to be missed.

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Note that there is general lack of ‘organised’ beaches and a tendency towards more freestyle, chilled out and nature-inspired structures and vibes. A true haven for nature lovers, and those seeking to relax, unwind, and enjoy an authentically Greek island life and pace.

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Dodecanese islands, Aegean Sea

How to get there

  • By boat from Piraeus Port (17h)
  • By plane to Kos or Rhodes and then a ferry ride to Nisyros
  • By boat from Tilos

Properties in Nisyros

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