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Welcome to Chios

The Greek island of Chios is one of the crown jewels decorating the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Certainly a wise choice if you appreciate quality over quantity, and substance, when it comes to your holiday choices. This mesmerising holiday location simply has it all, and then some more, to offer. Chios is a prime example of a dominantly Greek local culture accommodating various layers of different eras that have left their mark on the island, thus serving as a crossroad of civilisations and cultures.

Make sure you check out Mavra Volia, characterised by the round black large pebbles on the coast, giving a unique feel to this wonderful beach. Also, don’t miss Vroulidia, with is its crystal clear azure blue waters, Agia Dinami for its authentic and secluded, ‘not-organised’ feel and its fantastic natural landscape, and Glari, for its pristine crystal clear blue waters and vibrant atmosphere. The list is definitely not exhaustive and there are so many superb choices to pick when looking for a refreshing dip and a relaxing day by the sea in this impressive destination.

Not only does Chios offer an abundance of fantastic beaches of all shapes, styles and sizes to please even the most demanding visitor, it also boasts so many historic, cultural and archaeological sites and monuments to visit alongside a superb natural landscape that is as varied and diverse, as the cultural landmarks present on the island.

Several regions each exhibiting their own different style, and developed via a number of different cultural influences are typical in Chios. Well-preserved medieval villages in their wholesome and authentic glory, quaint seaside and mountainouns traditional villages, historical settlements, architecturally unique churches and colourful historic monasteries are but a few of the sites and monuments worth visiting in Chios.

A fair number of impressive churches and monasteries that were built during the Byzantine era are present on the island. A prime example is the superb 11th century monastery of Nea Moni, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of these monasteries and churches were partly destroyed during the tragic ‘Chios massacre’ conducted by the Ottomans towards the end of their rule on the island, when the population of Chios was almost completely wiped out in a matter of a few days.

You could also visit medieval villages now void of any human presence, like the abandoned village of Anavatos, in what are now secluded areas of extreme natural beauty. The structures and buildings are in many cases almost fully preserved yet completely vacant since the massacre, and the air is full of a mesmerising eeriness. A unique and intense experience in itself. Also note that some of the views over the mountains, the forests and the Aegean Sea beyond are simply breath-taking.

Please remember that we are always available to provide you with tips, to offer guidance, or to assist you in perfecting the ideal Travel Design fully tailored to your own tastes and likes, prior to, or during your trip. For a peak of what is on offer, check out our Path Travel Designs website, or simply tell us what you are after by contacting us here.

As Chios boasts a long history spanning back millenia, several highly impressive artefacts, monuments and sites from the Greek classical era of antiquity are present across its many museums and historical regions of the island, alongside the medieval towns, fortresses and towers. Venetian influences are also highly present at various parts of the island and provide yet another impressive cultural layer to discover.

More so in the world-renowned Kambos region where the imposing and extremely impressive medieval mansions and towers remind one of Tuscany in Italy, and are guaranteed to leave you totally astonished. Known for its highly esteemed local agricultural produce and especially citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and tagerines since the early antiquity, this prosperous region is a true historical, cultural and architectural gem in its own right.

Last but certainly not least, Chios is the only place in the world where the Mastic tree, a plant with a vast range of widely recognized therapeutic effects on various ailments, grows. The Mastic tree produces the Mastic gum, and a range of other tasty and therapeutic products. You can find out all you need to know and more in the new and extremely well-organised modern museum of ‘Masticha’, one of the newest and most impressive cultural additions to the islands sightseeing options. Also note, that every spring some of the most beautiful tulips are grown here! The list could go on and on, and what you choose to visit and enjoy is relevant to your own personal tastes and likes.

Making sure you enjoy the island of Chios in full comfort & style is exactly what we do.

Check out the different prime quality accommodation options we offer on the island below, let us know about what you are seeking so we can give you tips and arrange it all for you here, and treat yourself with a trip that will certainly relax and rejuvenate you this summer!


North Aegean Sea

How to get there

  • By plane From Athens (40min)
  • By Boat from Piraeus (10h)

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