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Welcome to Alonissos

The Greek island of Alonissos, positioned on the west side of the Aegean Sea and at the edge of the Sporades islands complex radiates charm and pure, authentic, and unparalleled beauty.

A true gem mostly known to insiders, locals and connoisseurs, Alonissos is the place where one can leave their busy existence behind, feel their senses fully connected with nature, recharge and synch with the same pace and energy that guarantees islanders increased longevity and health.

The natural landscape of the island is characterised by the intensely vibrant colours of the local flora, coming all the way down to the sea on its shores, luscious & thick pine forests extending all the way to numerous idyllic beaches with clystal clear turquoise blue waters, and a general vibe of tranquility and relaxation.

This unique combination of pristine beaches, picturesque coves, pine-covered landscapes, and the various charming traditional settlements including the Town of Alonissos or ‘Chora’, make this destination one you should certainly treat yourself visiting.

Please remember that we are always available to provide you with tips, to offer guidance, or to assist you in perfecting the ideal Travel Design fully tailored to your own tastes and likes, prior to, or during your trip. For a peak of what is on offer, check out our Path Travel Designs website, or simply tell us what you are after by contacting us here.

The protected National Marine Park which was founded in 1992, in effect a marine wildlife reserve park which extends over several islets surrounding Alonissos, is one of the last remaining prime nesting, mating & breeding sites of a specific endangered species of Mediterranean seals. It is thus one of the last few safe havens these seals can use as a home to give birth to their cubs.

That, and the dense network of trails and marked footpaths across this pristine natural landscape are two additional rare treats among many more, that add to the magic of Alonissos.

Making sure you enjoy the island of Alonissos in full comfort & style is exactly what we do.

Check out the different premium quality accommodation options we offer on the island below, let us know about what you are seeking so we can give you tips and arrange it all for you here, and treat yourself with a trip that will certainly relax and rejuvenate you this summer!


Sporades Islands, Aegean Sea

How to get there

  • By ferry from the:
    • port of Volos in the Greek mainland (5h)
    • island of Evia (port of Kymi and/or port of Mantoudi 7h30min)
  • By plane to:
    • Volos and then a ferry ride
    • Skiathos and then a 1h30min ferry ride

Properties in Alonissos

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