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May 11, 2022

Packing for Greece by one of my favourite stylists

I am over the moon being able to showcase the amazing round up of outfits my guest author Donna Tweedale has put together for all of you visiting Greece, or packing for any other Mediterranean country this summer. Donna is basically a legend who has style, knows the ins and outs of fashion, and has a rare ethos. Donna’s goal is to educate people to not only feel comfortable in their clothes, but to also consider their wardrobe through a more ethical lens.

Let’s explore her packing tips and hacks, while also check out her amazing outfit proposals for this summer.

Packing for Greece

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of outfit building for summer, or how you can pack effectively within your flight weight allowances. I encourage you to take a moment to ensure you have more time enjoying your surroundings, and less time trying to pull looks together, the key really is, to pack lightly and with consideration.

As part of being more conscious about the rate we consume, we should be attempting to shift our behaviours and attitudes to our wardrobes in a way that allows us to get more variation from the fewer pieces we have, to normalise re wearing what we have. I appreciate that can take a little time in terms of preparation. But. it’s time well spent.

Accessories here are key. Whether you love to embrace colour, print, texture. Or you enjoy a more minimal and neutral approach, the needs of the pieces will remain the same, the purpose they’ll serve for you, for your time away.

A blanket scarf may seem surplus to requirement for a trip to the sun, however, to allow you to feel comfortable on your flights, to allow you the opportunity to drape over your shoulders to enjoy the evening views or walking to and from dinner, it’s a piece that can roll up to a small amount to carry and weighs very little. It saves the need for a light weight jacket or fine knit which can feel like quite a commitment when going out in the evening.

An effective hat, sunglasses, that not only protect you but that carry an impact is a great way to elevate the most simple of looks and feel that sense of ceremony of being away.

You need a bag that has the versatility to be able to carry weight of what you may need for a day on the beach, or at the pool, that you can also carry out to lunch that doesn’t feel cumbersome. Also, that can be folded down to be packed away easily. Using a smaller bag for your travel, or for when you just need essentials for excursions.

With your shoes, whilst navigating the streets of Greece you need to feel comfortable, to be able to drink in your surroundings and not be feeling discomfort or restricted on where you could explore, with difficulty with heels on stone pathways. A beautiful flat or a wearable heel to allow you that elevated feeling in a neutral tone, or a light metallic will be hugely versatile, allowing you the freedom to enjoy them with everything you have.

Fabric choices are paramount, linen is a great fabric to lean on to allow you to feel comfortable in the heat, it behaves beautifully and has the versatility to be tilted from relaxed day to something appropriate for your evenings, with some beautifully delicate jewellery. Similarly with cotton. These are fabrics that should you need to hand wash them they’ll air dry very quickly. Be mindful to take care of your pieces, be aware of the strength the sun can have on your clothes left In the sun and the impact on the depth of their colour.

If you have a beautifully fitting one piece swimsuit you can treat those pieces as an additional basic, enjoy them with a wide leg trouser, cut offs or a skirt. With a relaxed oversized shirt as a cover up. A blue stripe, or a pale blue in a cotton or linen weave shirt is a less predictable option, not so obviously summer, but a piece you can enjoy all year round. Look to menswear for an oversized, relaxed, masculine cut will lend itself beautifully to serve you here.

I’ve taken some beautiful destinations and selected from this packing list, looks that I would suggest for those scenarios. I hope that they will inspire you to think about your existing wardrobe, and how that can deliver for you, how you can approach packing in a restrained, considered way, and allow yourself the freedom to re wear pieces, to prioritise comfort and saving time. You can also see details as to where these suggestions are from, preloved, vintage or ethical, independent designers and sources to invest in should you be lacking in any areas and need to consider.

Lastly, some key notes. When you’re packing your pieces, fold and roll each item neatly to reduce creasing and maximise your space. Consider your underwear choices to be comfortable, minimal and think about the straps and how they’ll work with the tops, dresses you have opted to pack.

Lay out your pieces to take your time and look at how they can work cohesively together, whether you enjoy a more minimal aesthetic or you’re a maximalist you can adopt the same approach. Think carefully here about the likelihood of what your day to day may look like. And ensure what you have would be comfortable, appropriate and that makes you feel good. If you have anything new, wear it around the home in the weeks / days running up to packing. Your holiday is not the time to commit to something new, you’ve never worn before. You need pieces you can rely on to make you feel representative of the woman you are, and that feel comfortable.

Doing this in advance, allowing that time will also allow you to have any mends, adjustments made to any of your pieces, re heeling, buttons, straps etc.

You’ve spent this time, planning, organising this wonderful trip to a stunning part of the world, It deserves, You deserve this last push to make sure you’ll feel incredible whilst you’re there and your time is so valuable.

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Find out more about Donna and her styling offerings here.

For your daily dose of fashion inspiration, make sure you follow her on Instagram.

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